LunchboxWax® is now Radiant WaxingTM. New Look. Same great owners, service, and waxologists you know and love.


There’s a reason Radiant Waxing salons attract a tremendously high caliber of people, from franchise owners to waxologists. Similarly, it’s not by accident that Radiant Waxing guests are intensely loyal and happy to say so. The Radiant Waxing experience is designed with people in mind. The purpose is clear and each salon’s empowering culture is at the center of who we are.


The Radiant Waxing brand makes sure that everyone who walks into a salon walks out feeling radiant. A Radiant Waxing salon’s mission is to make each guest feel comfortable, confident, and glowing. We’re grateful that you’ve put your radiance in the hands of your local Radiant Waxing salon, and we show it through an industry-leading expertise, a smooth process that values your time, and best-in-class service that makes every guest feel like the only guest.

When you walk into a Radiant Waxing salon, you’ll discover what the brand is all about. We’re believers in the power of looking and feeling exactly how you choose.

And every single day we strive to be:

  • Welcoming to every body.
  • Innovators in the waxing industry.
  • Experts in the waxingcraft.
  • Easy to talk with.
  • Respectful of individuality.
  • Passionate about hair removal.