brazilian or manzilian

Ready to stay smooth and save some serious cash? Yes please!! Check out the Unlimited Brazilian or Manizilian* Membership that will help make your bare-down-there goals a reality. It’s the perfect way to pad your pocketbook and keep your skin looking glowy and smooth year ‘round.


Wax obsessed? A Radiant Waxing® salon has you covered – come in every 3-4 weeks, or whenever you want. With so many perks to membership, what’s there to lose (other than unwanted hair)?

  • CHOOSE FROM: Unlimited Brazilian or Manzilian* waxing
  • SAVE ON SMOOTH: The more you use, the more you save
  • WAX WHEN YOU WANT: Create your own waxing schedule
  • STAY SMOOTH: Save 10% on additional wax services
  • AFTERCARE MADE SIMPLE: Save 10% on all products
  • WAX WHERE YOU ARE: Use your Membership at any location nationwide

*Ask your Waxo for payment details. Pricing, offers, and savings vary by salon. Prices do not include gratuity. 

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