LunchboxWax® is now Radiant Waxing®. New Look. Same great owners, service, and waxologists you know and love.

brazilian or manzilian

Ready to stay smooth and save some serious cash? Yes please!! Check out the Unlimited Brazilian or Manizilian Membership that will help make your bare-down-there goals a reality. It’s the perfect way to pad your pocketbook and keep your skin looking glowy and smooth year ‘round. 


Wax obsessed? Radiant Waxing® has got you covered – come in every 3-4 weeks, or whenever you want. With so many perks to membership, what’s there to lose (other than unwanted hair)? 

  • CHOOSE FROM: Unlimited Brazilian or Manzilian waxing 
  • SAVE ON SMOOTH: Save up to 40% 
  • WAX WHEN YOU WANT: Create your own waxing schedule
  • STAY SMOOTH: Save on additional wax services 

*Ask your Waxo for payment details. Pricing, offers, and savings vary by salon. Prices do not include gratuity. 

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