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Code of Conduct

Mutual respect makes it possible for everyone to enjoy Radiant Waxing services. Radiant Waxing may refrain from providing you with service for interfering with staff, customers or the public. You are expected and obligated to refrain from behavior that interferes with the rights of others and the duties of staff; which includes the following:

  • Improper dress, including bare feet and no shirt.
  • Offensive body odor.
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended or under the care of another customer not a family member.
  • Insufficient supervision of children by you or caregivers resulting in disruptive acts and unsafe behavior to customers and staff.
  • Bringing animals, other than service animals.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Sleeping.
  • Abuse or improper use of furniture, equipment or materials.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco or using electronic cigarettes or similar devices in non-designated areas.
  • Unreasonable noise to include: loud talking, singing, boisterous activity/cell phone use, loud headphones in non-designated areas.
  • Monopolizing/obstructing space, seating, tables or equipment to the exclusion of others, including restrooms.
  • Profane, obscene or abusive language, racial, ethnic or sexual orientation epithets.
  • Gambling, panhandling or soliciting money.
  • Use of the internet for unlawful purposes as defined by federal, state and local laws.
  • Running, pushing, rough play or other dangerous physical activity.
  • Other disruptive acts to customers and staff.
  • Intentionally damaging or destroying any property belonging to LBW, another customer or staff.
  • Possessing weapons, dangerous ordinance, explosive devices (including fireworks), knives with a blade length over 2 inches or other items that a reasonable person would consider to be dangerous to themselves or others in a public environment where children may be present. Violation of posted concealed weapons prohibition.
  • Trespassing.
  • Inducing panic. False 911 or emergency calls.
  • Harassing customers or staff. Deliberate repeated behavior that is intimidating, hostile, offensive or adversely impacts staff work performance.
  • Possession of drugs or alcohol. Actively distributing drugs or alcohol.
  • Engaging in or soliciting any sexual act. Indecent exposure.
  • Fighting, challenging someone to a fight, physical abuse or assault.
  • Violating personal boundaries of staff or clientele through social media, phone advances or solicitation. Personal boundaries and privacy should be respected.
  • Video and photography are not allowed during a waxing service without prior approval.